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About Us

Astrick Solution is a higher ranking medical transcription company. Founded in the year 2012, the company has grown in size and reputation and journey into new areas related to medical transcription, with continual growth and progress, achievements, and success. Our experience includes running in Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Data Entry, and Form Filling process. Astrick solution is promoted by young and dynamic people who have substantial experience of those fields. Recognizing the responsibility of our clients we work all day and all night, seven days a week. We have a highly educated workforce to provide faster turnaround and highly skillful personnel to ensure the smooth workflow.

Our MLS who can consistently and accurately transcribe multiple document work-types and return reports within a reasonable turnaround-time (TAT) are up-to-the-minute. We are honored to say our MLS are great to maintain the good quality and TAT time. Good quality documents are highly accurate and free of error for the most part. Astrick Solution is committed to deliver Fast & Accuracy Medical Transcription services.

Astrick Solution provides you with ready-to-work, high-grade training program with Placement in our companies. Our Training programs are interactive, practical, and easily understandable but at the same time intensive and comprehensive.

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Our vision is to become the healthy growing of our company with the emphasis on customer satisfaction, sustainable growth and solid management. We help individuals and customers find their best fit and make right choices in the ever-changing world of technology.


With the power of Astrick solution’s team of talented people we are able to provide customers with superb value, high-quality of works. To make customer trust and satisfaction top priorities. To become a successful provider of medical transcription process. To become a respected company for its customers and employees.


• Professionalism
• Attentiveness and Availability
• Down-To-Earth